Thursday, June 25, 2009

User Game Online Indonesia Achieves 6 Million

JAKARTA - The potential in the online game market still wide open. Online Games is estimated to occupy the seventh rank internet applications the most widely used in Indonesia after the email, IM, social networking sites, search engines, online news and blogs...[...] "From 30 million internet users in Indonesia, at least, there are 6 million users online game," said President Director of PT Nusantara Wahana Komunika, Rhendie Arindra to journalists in the JCC, Thursday (25/6/2009). Wahana Komunika Nusantara is a company that was appointed nusantara online game publisher. More Rhendie said, Nusantara Online has the same quality with the game-Korea-made online game, Japan, China or the United States. Nusantara game online presence in Indonesia, according to Rhendie expected to be mengakrabkan gamer with the nation's history. "Because the characters and gameplay nusantara online taking themes from the history of kingdoms and folklore Nusantara Indonesia," he said The idea of making Nusantara Online presents a concern because the stories maraknya foreign entry through books, magazines, radio, television impressions, movies and electronic games. in the middle of the wealth of the people in the story of a young generation of Indonesia Indonesia tend to be more familiar with the story of the history of another country. (srn) User Game Online Indonesia Achieves 6 Million

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