Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Create iPhone Charger Wireless Pre Match

California - Palm and iPhone Pre find eyehole mengunggulkan themselves. Both always compete and showcase the benefits of the device features that support their handset...[...] Does not want to lose with the first Pre charger has called Touchstone Wireless, the iPhone is the rechargeable battery technology is similar wireless Touchstone. iPhone may be less quick with the first Pre showcase this technology charger. Because at the time of Pre users can recharge a battery in the wireless mobile phone, iPhone users still use the regular charger. This appears to drive the iPhone to show off a similar technology, the wireless charger called WildCharge but with features that diklaimnya more sophisticated and efficient in recharge battery. Such information is quoted from Mobile Whack, Wednesday (24/6/2009). iPhone WildCharge call center solution that is sought by the user during this iPhone. With WildCharge, users can simply plug to do this with the wireless device is then put a stay on the iPhone or iPod WildCharge pad. Charger will automatically discharge the energy in the device and recharge the battery to full. WildCharge is also now available for the iPod Touch worth USD34, 99 and for the new iPhone will be available in early July with the same price. (srn)

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