Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Youfacester: Social net cloning Facebook

JAKARTA - Facebook popularity apparently attracting a web designer to create the Indonesian social networking sites like Facebook Youfacester named. I wonder, naming the site with a Youfacester this is a blend of the three popular social networking site that is Youtube, Facebook, and Friendster...[...] When okezone be, this site called Youfacester visible results of cloning, such as Facebook. Even the author is indeed a deliberately introduced as a cloning Youfacester Facebook. On the left bottom of the page to log in written English Youfacester, Facebook Clone Layout. If this log in page there is a Facebook picture of the world map, Youfacester menjiplaknya with the image map Inonesia. Visitors tracing this site appears to have started any more, although still very much so when compared with the number of visitors to your site Facebook or Friendster. The form of the design looks really similar to Facebook, but some applications the content is quite different. Even though the site claimed that this is Facebook is Indonesia, Youfacester still use their own language. According to the newspaper, at the end of July will be coming soon Youfacester version with English and some other language version. Until now this has not been clear who the identity of the cloning site Facebook this. (srn)

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