Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dedikasikan Intel Chip for Laptops Supertipis

San Francisco - as if not left behind from its competitors, Intel again menggelontorkan dedicated chip for laptops that are thin and small. Attendance Asus opened a new category in the world computer industry. After the vendor asal Taiwan menggelontorkan the Eee PC is, in succession all the computer vendors expressed its commitment to move in the market and thin laptop supermini. Finally, there's Macbook Air and the Dell Adamo, who has claimed menggelontorkan laptop 'super duper thin'...[...] The phenomenon of computer companies' souse 'themselves to the market in this area which is considered as sufficient to arouse Intel. Therefore, hadirlah named a new Pentium processor SU2700. The presence of the new Intel processor is greeted by his colleagues well. Such as Acer and Asus. Both companies are committed to develop akan dipersenjatai a thin laptop with this processor. Even Microsoft will ensure that all software support buatannya Pentium processor SU2700 this. Intel expects fourth quarter in the year 2009, one fifth of the total shipment of computer products for consumer laptop is a new generation, more thin and very energy efficient. (srn) (oz)

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