Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Indosat Btel & Panen Award ICCA

JAKARTA - PT Indosat Tbk reach back 11 awards for its Contact Center in the event the Best Contact Center 2009 Indonesia. The event, which is appreciation for the contact center best practice for individuals and Indonesia also held by the corporate India Contact Center Association (ICCA), which was held at the end of last week (29/05) in Jakarta...[...] "We are very proud to receive this award as a form of existence apreasiasi and our commitment to continue to provide quality service to customers Indosat. This also motivates the entire staff in providing services Indosat prime or service excellence, which can provide more services and benefits for customers," tukas Fadzri Sentosa, Director of Corporate Sales & Jabotabek Indosat, as dilansir information through authorized, on Tuesday (2/6/2009). Place in this competition contact center, Indosat reach 6 Award categories for individuals and 5 Award for corporate categories. Indosat awards to individuals in the category: 1. Platinum Award, for The Best Manager in the top of the 100 seats 2. Platinum Award, for The Best Team Leader 3. Gold Award and Silver Award for the Best Outbound Agent 4. Silver Award for the Best Supervisor 5. Silver Award, the Best Agent for Quality Assurance While the award for Indosat in the corporate category: 1. Platinum Award for the Best Contact Center Operations 2. Silver Award, for The Best Video Contact Center 3. Bronze Award for the Best Technology Innovation 4. Bronze Award for the Best HR Retention 5. Bronze Award, for The Best Business Contribution Meanwhile, Bakrie Telecom Tbk also successfully carry off the award 7 Seventh award in the same event. The category that includes the two successful platinum be in the best business contribution and the best quality assurance. Two gold category at the best contact center operations below 100 seats and the best back office support. One large silver the best contact center manager above 100 seats. And one bronze on the inbound and outbound agents. "The contact center also if managed well and developed by creating innovations are able to provide quality benefits for the company. Well, we have buktikan it," emphatically Erik Meijer, Deputy President Director PT Bakrie Telecom Tbk. (srn) (oz)

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