Saturday, June 20, 2009

Doctors Use Nintendo Wii for Exercise Operation

NEW YORK - Nintendo Wii popularity as a game after the current growing doctors and scientists to develop and utilize the device as simulated surgical operation...[...] Homing-based wireless motion-sensitive key is to make the Wii can be a tool to help doctors perform surgical operations simulation. Of which is called the Wii Remote or the Wii wiimote allows players to control the game action on the screen with the movement of the body. For example, with the wiimote players can hit the ball like in baseball game indeed. The characters visible on the screen will follow the movement gerik done by the players. Such information is quoted from Live Science, Thursday (18/6/2009). This technology is used in training the doctors surgery surgery. With this tool the doctor trained in improving the motor skills and performance during the surgical operation. "Many devices in the surgical simulator operating out there, but the price is still very expensive. By using the Wii, we have a platform that is affordable and easy to use as a surgical simulator," said Mark Smit, one of the scientists who try to test the Wii as a surgical simulator. Eight doctors are required to play Wii before laparoscopic surgery simulation as the beginning of heating. Then they play device simulation surgery on the patient's body such as the real operation. Result, the doctors have the skills of operating performance and 48 percent better than the exercise without using the Wii. (srn)

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