Saturday, June 20, 2009

Samsung's 32GB capacity Memory DDR3 First released in the World

Seoul - Samsung menggebrak market issue with the memory modules DDR3 with a 32GB. The module is claimed as a memory chip with a big first in the world...[...] Softpedia, Thursday (18/6/2009), spread the memory chip is manufactured using 50nm technology. The module operates on the voltage 1.35 volt or 20 percent more sparingly than the other DDR3 average operating voltage of 1.5 volt. "If compared to the 8GB memory module that is often used on the server at this time, we made the module is able to reduce the level of energy, and this module is suitable for the data center because of more efficient," said Jim Elliott, Vice President Memory Marketing, Samsung. The presence of this memory is intended for high-end market that wants a solution on the green IT assets. Samsung also said akan immediately to adopt DDR3 DRAM. In this year the 29 percent of Samsung's DRAM market and target the 75 percent control of the market in the year 2011. (srn)

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