Saturday, June 20, 2009

Be Broadband is now in the United States Needs

WASHINGTON - broadband services in the United States is just as basic. Didera Despite the economic crisis, does not mean the number of users of broadband services dwindle. Instead the user of this service continues to grow and is not affected by the recession...[...] Pew Research Center (PRC) conduct a survey in April and said as many as 63 percent of American adults have a broadband internet connection in their homes. This percentage increased from the previous, with only 55 percent last year. Meanwhile, only seven percent of users who still use the dial up connection. This amount is decreased as much as 14 percent from year ago. Such information is quoted from News Factor, Thursday (18/6/2009). "Broadband has now become a must have for United States citizens. They will maintain the presence of broadband diguncang despite the economic crisis even," said John Horrigan, Associate Director of Internet Projects PRC. The increasing importance of broadband households in the United States over melonjaknya the popularity of the Internet as a source of information cheapest, fastest and compared it with other media. United States citizens rate the internet is the best place to access information. For that, they need services to support broadband Internet access best. Research this mensurvei also increased the number of broadband subscribers who want high-speed broadband services. Although the current recession, this indicates that the increase in the number of the more customers willing to pay for premium services mendapakan internet access more quickly in their home. Some 34 percent of broadband users want faster Internet access in their homes. This percentage increased from 29 percent last year. (srn)

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