Saturday, June 20, 2009

2009, Indovision Degree & Video on Demand Pay per View

JAKARTA - Global Mediacom akan position MNC Sky Vision, which has two trademarks Indovision Top TV and, as a provider of public entertainment for the family of leading...[...] Such statements Group President and CEO of Global Mediacom Hary Tanoesoedibjo, after RUPST-LB, building on the Plaza Kebon Sirih, Jakarta, Thursday (18/6/2009). "Indovision will increase the number of customers in such a way the development of distribution networks office with a national reach," said Hary Tanoe. According to him, the media-based business customers, such as this has a significant potential. Moreover, in 2008, only penetrasinya level of 2.5 percent. To reach potential, one of the ways that Indovision is done with a new satellite launched in May 2009, the satellite to replace the old. This new satellite will have a capacity of 150 transmit channels so that it will multiply the number of channels currently offered to customers. However, this amount does not include the number of channels for radio broadcasting. After the launch of new satellites, will be followed with the launch additional services to improve choice for customers, with the choice of channels to propagate more than 100 channels. This will make Indovision as the first paid TV service, which provides broadcasting high definition channels. "In addition, we will also provide other services, such as the Personalized Video Recorder (PVR), pay-per-view services, and video on demand," he said. (srn)

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