Saturday, June 20, 2009

News: Activision want Sony PS3 Price Decrease

WASHINGTON - Developers famous game, Activision Sony urged that lower prices konsolnya PlayStation 3 (PS3). In fact, Activision dikabarkan akan stop the production of a video game console that supports the PS3...[...] This is disclosed, Activision CEO, Boby Kotick As dilansir Times, Saturday (20/6/2009). "Company games better invested capital of the PlayStation to Xbox," said Kotick. According to Kotick, PS3 has been losing momentum to compete with the best competitors, Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox. Currently, in the UK for example, the PS3 dibanderol at 299.99 euros while the Wii console only 179.99 euro, and the Xbox Arcade Park at, 129 euros. "If Sony does not lower the price so there is no other choice than to stop our game chock PS3, we still meilhatnya up to 2010 and 2011," Kotick firm. Since launched in 2006, the actual PS3 sales have increased. but the improvements were too slow compared to rival-rivalnya. Sony claims up to 2008 has sold 10 million units of PS3 in the world. Kotick acknowledged, is difficult for Sony to lower the selling price of PS3, as it will affect the performance of financial companies. But according to him, there is no other way to take that step. (srn)

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