Saturday, June 20, 2009

In fact Hacking Over Danger of Virus

JAKARTA - Although at this time the virus into the terrifying specter of computer users, but in the future, not a big problem...[...] For in the way, by hacking peretas is a difficult problem that must be faced by many computer users. Section, with a different virus that only damage the program and create a computer system does not work, have a motivation that hacking is dangerous. "Peretas motivated to steal identity and financial someone (phishing and cyber fraud). And that's a far more dangerous," said Effendy Ibrahim Symantec Consumer Bussines Lead South Region, the Intercontinetal Hotel, Jakarta, Thursday (18/6/2009) According to Effendy, the threat of the virus are not visible (visible), with different modes that use hacking phishing look and feel does not directly (invisible). "Hacking with cyber fraud and phishing have been set a target first. In fact, there are also efforts to damage someone's reputation through the dissemination of photographs and information targeted to diincarnya," sambungnya. Other hazards made by peretas with phishing is able to deceive the victim with a bogus site. Program with a quote, application, and certain information they tried to trap victims. "For this year there were 10 thousand bogus site that is ready to perform action jahatnya. For the internet user should optimize the use of anti-virus on their PC," he said. (srn)

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