Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Face overwhelmed Apple iPhone 3G Order S

SAN FRANCISCO - Although not officially marketed, iPhone 3G S apparently did not take long to get antusisme from the public...[...] Apple initially restrict the supply of pre-order iPhone 3G S. However, the high demand for new products is able to exceed the limit of supply. iPhone series is scheduled to begin the latest available in the market starting this weekend Friday. Such information is quoted from Computer World, Thursday (18/6/2009). Although Apple is experienced in tackling the lack of product supply, analysts from Technology Business Research, Ezra Gottheil doubts Apple can face the same problem in marketing 3G S. "I do not expect too much Apple can resolve this problem, although I know years ago Apple could handle membludaknya enthusiasm akan consumer product of iPhone 3G," said Gottheil. According to Gottheil, energy consumers against S iPhone 3G is not the same as the response to the iPhone 3G years ago. Apple akan Gotheil predict excess supply in the case of the S 3G pre order, as consumers watching the race you want to have them. S akan start 3G sold in several countries, including the United States and Germany, starting 19 June 2009 with the price range USD199 for 3G S kapsitas 16GB with up to USD299 for the 32GB capacity. ]

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