Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bing want to beat Google slowly but surely

SAN FRANCISCO - Two weeks after the launch, Microsoft is able to belong Bing showed early demonstration of good teeth. Although the position can not rival Google, the percentage of market share Bing search engine market in the virtual world is quite promising for the future to...[...] According to a survey released hasi comScore, Bing has increased the percentage of market share of three percent when compared with the pre-launch. Such information is quoted from, on Thursday (18/6/2009). "This shows that Bing successfully attract the user's search engine over the two weekends," said comScore Senior VP, Mike Hurt. "Data describing initial market reaction to the sustainability of the positive to Bing at the beginning of the launch," he added. Bing recently launched at the beginning of this month after going through a period of several months. Previous presence of the so-called Bing-called akan challenging Google's dominance is opportunity. This is a search engine has many advantages that are not owned by Google, but the fact so far there has not been able to defeat the giant search engine is the virtual world. The analyst will continue to monitor developments and Bing waiting for Microsoft to prove the ability besutannya Bing. (srn) OZ

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