Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Endeavor hydrogen leakage Pause Until End July

Cape Canaveral - The crew of the Endeavor to slide this month pupus already. Endeavor to be the middle of preparing for the launch, of fact must penerbangannya longer delay until the end of July to come...[...] Patience and optimism flight mission commander Mark Polansky appears to still be tested. Yesterday, Polansky said the Endeavor had akan have time to cruise. Meanwhile, Deputy Foreign Aircraft Program Manager Space Leroy Cain, said that almost senada. "How would not we should go back to the early preparation to find out the damage that occurred and fix it. After all wrong, at the time we will be ready to conduct a safe flight mission," said Cain. Delay the launch for the third time, this is not because dihadang bad weather, but caused by the leakage of hydrogen gas tank that can potentially endanger the mission launch. Yahoo Tech News, Thursday (18/6/2009) spread, for fuel yesterday, the crew's mission was to wait until the launch of almost one hour to monitor the leakage of hydrogen tank. They attempt to fix the damage with a command from the remote before the launch of the mission is done early morning. However, it seems that the business failed. How does not want, the crew must be patient until Endeavor really ready to diterbangkan. After investigation, it seems leakage occurred in the same place with the leakage on Saturday last week. Damage resulted from the entrance lodge on the hydrogen fuel tanks externally. (srn)

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