Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Huawei Smart Ponsel Release 2

JAKARTA - Huawei recently introduced two types of smart phones in the event CommunicAsia 2009 in Singapore...[...] Both phones are equipped with the latest technology is given the name of U8230 and C8000. Mobile phone plan will be officially marketed in the second semester of 2009. "Since joining the Open Handset Alliance in 2008, Huawei developed rapidly in the development of modern high handset especially based smartphone operating system Android and Windows Mobile," said the spokesperson for Huawei, Chueng Glory. Despite having a nearly similar, but U8230 and C8000 have a different specification. One is in terms of the operating system used. U8230 is a smart phone based on Android while his brother, the C8000 Windows Mobile operating system. Based on official information to the Huawei okezone, Thursday (17/6/2009), smart mobile phone-based Android U8230 allows users unutk use the QWERTY keyboard or half QWERTY alternately. While for meudahkan navigation program, users can take advantage of touch screen technology 3.5-inch LCD. Meanwhile, Huawei C8000 is using the Windows Mobile operating system, combine the 3-D Graphic User Interface (GUI) and the display adapter to support the view that a single clean image and video data on DVD-quality 2.8-inch touch screen. "Handset Huawei U8230 and C8000 on display at the CommunicAsia smartphone brings the interaction to a new level," said Glory. Glory Huawei also hope to do in cooperation with the pelangggannya launched in the second hendset newest to the market this year. (srn)

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