Wednesday, June 17, 2009

HP Enhance Computing Scale Out with the New HP ExSO

HP launched HP portfolio Extreme Scale-Out (ExSO) that is designed to bring the level of cost savings and human resources for various business related to the high performance computing, Web 2.0 and cloud. ..[...] Companies with business models' scale-out 'like this, which is run with thousands of servers, pushing the bounds of technology solutions at this time. HP ExSO portfolio that includes a modular system architecture that is very efficient and lightweight, and expand the data center solutions, services and support, helping customers to reduce costs, improve facilities and efisisiensi extraordinary mengakselerasi time to market on a massive scale. The portfolio are the HP customers can make savings more than USD152.8 million in capital expenditures that terkurangi and USD13, 7 million in cost of energy. One of HP's portfolio ExSO is a HP ProLiant server family SL, using the system architecture? Skinless? which replaces the traditional chassis form factor and design of the rack rail and the tray is very light. The result, customers can significantly reduce the amount of the cost of capital, facilities, and delivery at the time of using part of the room that is usually needed by the data center. Besides, the modular design of the ultra-efficient, making our customers can quickly and easily build solutions that can meet the needs of workloads scale-out performance. With the HP ProLiant portfolio SL, customers can cut the cost of acquisition of 10 percent and reduce the cost of electric power 28 percent of the computing density saaat reproduce them. HP ProLiant server family SL offers a breakthrough in the new server architecture specifically designed for extreme-scale environment. This solution offers customers a variety of benefits as follows: 1. World energy savings - power and cooling infrastructure that terkonsolidasi design and the flow of air that is unique for each server using the electric power 28 percent less than traditional rack-based server. This can mengasilkan use of energy cost savings during the year of USD4, 1 million. Overall, this system per year using 52,000 megawatt less, which is saving enough energy to power more than 4600 household equipment used in the United States during the year. 2. Ultra-lightweight design - a reduction in the use of metal on the SL server ProLiant reduce weight as much as 31 percent. This also significantly reduces the cost of delivery, the need to support the data center facilities and the overall cost of construction, as well as the 838.5 tons of server hardware, or almost equivalent to the weight of the four half-Boing 747 jet aircraft, from a scale-out data center. 3. Modular configuration - provides installation and Deployment quickly through the shelves of the computer can be. Computing architecture is the latest high density multiplication up to 672 core processors and the capacity per 42U rack with up to 10 terabita. Is built on industry standards that apply, the server-server allows customers memadupadankan components computing and storage is easy to meet the needs of their various applications. 4. Cost-to-scale is reduced - the volume of packaging significantly reduces acquisition costs for customers who want the thousands of server nodes. Add this amount of capital expenditure savings of USD14, 5 million in a scale-out data center. "Business is dibangung on scale-out environment to the extreme, such as cloud, Web 2.0 and HPC, running at the maximum volume of transactions and the lower margin," said Michelle Bailey, Research Vice President, IDC. In order to maximize cost savings continue to scale-out environment, customers need a device that provides high visibility and a higher operational control facilities. HP Datacenter Solutions Environmental Edge offers a complete visual mapping of the environment variables so that customers can quickly identify and take action against inefficiently data center. This solution offers a cost savings of up to USD2 energy, 4 million per year and return on investment within 12 months. HP Datacenter Environmental Edge uses a system of wireless sensors placed throughout the data center to monitor a variety of variables, such as temperature, humidity level, air pressure and the use of power. This system provides real-time virtualization of the environment variables so that the administrator can provide a fundamental analysis to eliminate the excess of operational costs. Various additional services for environmental ExSO provide customers with a customized experience through the addition of Lifecycle technology. ExSO service options include on-site repair is scheduled, on-site seed inventory of parts and installation services that are designed especially for environments that support thousands of servers. These services can be customized to fit the needs of customers. In addition, HP Financial Services, which provides Lifecycle asset management services and leasing, to help our customers to develop or update their IT infrastructure with the entire range of bid ExSO through leasing and financing solution that is flexible. Portfolio computing scale-out that are presented include HP HP ProLiant DL1000 Multi Node servers, introduced on June 2, HP POD (Performance Optimized Datacenter), HP StorageWorks 9100 Extreme Data Storage System and the double-blade server HP ProLiant 2x220c density introduced in the year ago. (srn)

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