Thursday, June 25, 2009

From the comparison iPhone and iPod Touch?

Washington - Two Apple product release is a dream many people, iPhone and iPod touch, has a physical design that is almost the same. Well, what happens if some of the owners of this product compared to the second?..[...] Results of the demographic surveys iPhone owners and iPod touch in the United States has just released that showed the difference between iPhone owners and iPod Touch. Research conducted by marketing research company, comScore, and ad networks in the U.S., AdMob. From a survey involving 3454 users iPhone and iPod touch owners 3848, found some interesting differences and conclusions in it. If you include one of the user or even the second Apple product release, it is not direct, the following conclusions may be able to 'read' your demographic. Here are some interesting conclusions which resulted in the comScore survey / AdMob is the dilansir of CNN, Thursday (18/6/2009): * The owner of the iPhone a more 'aged'. 69% iPod touch users aged between 13-24, while users have the iPhone in the age of 25 years. * The owners of iPod touch is less prosperous than the iPhone. This is evidenced by the percentage of 78% of iPhone users have an income of U.S. $ 25,000 or more. Only 66% owner of the iPod touch has a revenue of that. * IPhone owners have more children. 46% have children, the iPhone, iPod touch users, while only 28% only. * IPod touch owners tend to be more like the things smelly phone, clothes, TV and other electronic devices. * IPhone owners tend to allocate money for travel, financial services and new home. Thus, including which of you? (Sha / fyk) Perbadaan from iPhone and iPod Touch?

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