Thursday, June 25, 2009

i-FunBox, Nokia PC Suite Version iPhone

Jakarta - Apple iTunes is a tool to manage the iPhone and iPod Touch the most popular. However, iTunes also has the ability as a management application. ..[...] Nah, for users who want to perform data management on the iPhone - without the 'be' by the service application - to try i-FunBox. Its function is simple: only as a media browser for iPhone, as well as transfer and manage files on the iPhone and iPod. However, its use is simple. Here are some features i-FunBox as quoted from blogsdna, on Monday (8/06/2009): * Total Control of iPhone File System: Managing files on the iPhone or iPod Touch, such as in Windows Explorer, but easier. * Hi-Speed General Purpose Storage: enable iPhone as portable storage media, with data transmission speed 5MB / s. * Can be used for managing music, the withdrawal and the iPod Touch iTunes. * It can automatically convert your uploaded images as wallpaper on the iPhone. Scanning applications are similar to commonly used applications that Nokia users, namely the Nokia PC Suite. If interested, applications can be downloaded free of charge on site (Wsh / wsh) i-FunBox, Nokia PC Suite iPhone style

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