Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Games on the Xbox with movement sensor

San Francisco - The gamer is now no longer have to rely on the joystick. To control the game, the gamer is the body only. As with besutan Nintendo Wii, Microsoft tried to apply the sensor system to control movement in the Xbox 360 game. Sensor control system with movement (motion-sensing control) besutan Microsoft is called the Christmas Project. Generated by the movement through the sensor in the camera's high, which dibenamkan by Microsoft in the Xbox 360. Sensor allows gamers to print with movement goal kick the ball to a virtual or do anything in accordance with the movement...[...] Not only are high-tech. To create the three-dimensional movement of the camera will be assisted with high-power sensors, microphone and special software. This allows the Xbox to catch the sound, direction, and make changes only with the voice intonation. "This device is able to give a new experience in playing this game because the device will actually 'recognize' us. This is the next step in the interactive entertainment world," said Hollywood film director Steven Spielberg, as quoted through the Telegraph, Tuesday (2 / 6 / 2009). Other new technology for the Microsoft Xbox is the game allow players to connect directly with the Facebook and listening to music directly from the Xbox. (srn) Kendalikan Games on Xbox with movement sensor(oz)

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