Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Acer Type of Q3 09, Netbook Acer Android First slide

San Francisco - Acer launched its netbook plans based operating system Google Android claimed first in the world. Netbook these people say will be launched at the upcoming 2009 third quarter. According to Jim Wong, President of Global Product Operations Acer, netbook's specifications will not vary much with the product previous Acer, Aspire One. Netbook that will be supported with the Intel Atom processor with a screen measuring 10-inch...[...] "The difference may only be in the operating system, because the Aspire One using the Windows XP OS," said Jim Wong dilansir such as Computerworld, Tuesday (2/6/2009). Acer Netbook step out Android is an effort to compete with other netbook manufacturer that will also issue a similar product. China Manufacturers origin, Skytone Transmission Technologies, dikabarkan are also in the final stage of testing to produce Netbook Android. "We see, Android will become more familiar and close to the user," said Jim. Android, developed during this google smartphone users to easily communicate and surf the Internet, especially sites such as Google's YouTube and Google Maps. Currently, the most outstanding in the netbook market is dominated by the operating system besutan Microsoft, Windows XP. Estimated, Netbook Acer Android will be marketed with a price of more expensive on the Aspire One. (srn) (oz) ..[...]

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