Friday, June 5, 2009

Toyota Prius Cars Terlaris in the City of Japan

JAKARTA - Only take as much two weeks after the launch of authorized, May 18, hybrid cars are Toyota, New Prius, the car was a terlaris in Japan with sales reaching 10,915 units. That means the number of five-fold jump from the previous month. According to Car Dealer Association of Japan (Jada), earnings are higher than sales of Honda Insight last April in the top position with 10,481 units. However, in May to be ranked third with 8000 unit sales as much...[...] New Prius orders flooded the market since the Japanese plan to know the presence of third-generation hybrid vehicle terlaris in the world. Currently, 110,000 orders sekria New Prius has been in, and can be filled in November 2009, in line with the TMC plans to increase Prius production capacity to 50,000 units per month in 2010. "The success of New Prius is supported by the image and popularity of hybrid vehicles terlaris since the first was launched 10 years ago. In addition to external factors such as tax policy in Japan to a new environment-friendly car," commented Johnny Darmawan, President Director of PT Toyota-Astra Motordalam press the received okezone, Friday (5/6/2009). Johnny added, atensi and real concern that the government is evident from the role of the success of our efforts as producers increase in the use of environmentally friendly vehicles. " Toyota efforts to promote the use of environmentally friendly vehicles is also done globally. Toyota Center, as do education and to educational institutions, government, community leaders and others. Hundreds of vehicles with the hybrid Toyota Prius base model is also rented to the government institutions and companies, for example, in Japan, the United States, and France. In the United States, New Prius slide at the end of May 2009. (tons)(oz)

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