Friday, June 5, 2009

Scooter Matik Dominance Bebek Ready to Move?

MARKET scooter matik (skutik) growing. Over the last three years, skutik appear as new excellent. Can this type of motor will replace the motor for a duck who dominate this? In the period January-April 2009, the market share of motor skutik increased. In 2007 skutik start taringnya show. Then in 2008 skutik able to achieve greater market share. Believed the market will move skutik motor dominance duck...[...] "There is a shift, may be considered skutik match consumers with the conditions," Chairman of the firm Motorcycles Industry Association of Indonesia (Aisi) Gunadi Sindhuwinata in Jakarta. For motor duck, over three years, continue to have corrections. In the 2008 sale of a motor bebek shrink 63 percent compared to the previous year to more than 70 percent. Meanwhile, until I quarter 2009, the market share of motor duck corrected to 54 percent. Although the scooter matik will increase sales, some of the Single Agent Brand (ATPM) to predict one type of motor will also increase. Membaiknya economic conditions also affect the consumer and this makes them prefer the cheaper product and economical fuel. This year, the portion of duck to the total motor market is estimated to increase 2 percent from the previous 63 percent to 65 per cent. ] (oz)

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