Tuesday, June 2, 2009

GM go bankrupt in the U.S., the Consumer Chevrolet RI Stay Safe

JAKARTA - Ditetapkannya General Motors as the companies that go bankrupt in the United States, consumers do not make GM Indonesia to shrink. This is disclosed GMAWI Marketing Director, GM Autoworld Indonesia ATPM, Amelia Santoso D when berbicang with okezone disela Fwd launch Chevrolet Captiva in Jakarta on Monday (1/6/2009). "The effect of GM bangkrutnya U.S. to Indonesia's only a matter of brand. We also had predicted consumers will blurred with reporting like this, apparently not," he said...[...] According to him, when the problem is described Chapter 11 and the position of GM of Brazil prinsipalnya in the U.S., consumers Chevrolet average understand it, and still believe with the GM brand. "The complaint or do not have panic, but there are some who ask us, and we explain what it is Chapter 11 and how the GM in Brazil, and they understand," he said. Evidence is still strong, GM brands in India according to him, is a high demand for the Chevrolet Captiva. In fact, consumers should be later this month if prepaid 2 want 7-seater SUV is. "We are very grateful with this situation, the future we will increase the import Captiva," he said with a smile. (uky) (oz)

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