Tuesday, June 2, 2009

GM declared bankrupt, "New GM" Appears Ready

JAKARTA - Although General Motors (GM) is declared bankrupt by the United States (U.S.), but it does not mean GM Indonesia akan mati. According to the plan, "New GM" will be returned. This will be the Managing Director of GM AutoWorld Indonesia (GMAWI) Mukiat Sutikno on the sidelines Fwd launch Chevrolet Captiva in Jakarta on Monday (1/6/2009). According to him, to the front of the scheme will have "New GM" as a continuation of U.S. automotive business icons this from a more healthy after a previous exit Chapter 11...[...] http://autos.okezone.com/images-data/content/2009/06/02/52/225209/BrFgMFfOAp.jpg "This new company will continue business akan akan GM and rebuild faster and stronger than the old GM," he said to a number of wartawan.ÃÂ, Ã, "New GM", and clearly he is a new formation in which all GM managemennya taken from the old GM, including the assets that exist. "So later on, such as GM have good and bad GM. All that is still running well in the bad assets, including GM still will have to move to a good GM and form a New GM. Then bad GM will be frozen until the end in itself because there is no performance. Now the new management will have on New GM, "he explained. However his comments, not whether the name "New GM" will continue to use the name of GM. "We would not know but will be changed," he said. (uky) (oz)

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