Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Depkominfo will Stop Import Blackberry?

JAKARTA - Depkominfo promised to temporarily stop importing products over the phone is smart, when the Rim Blackberry manufacturer, distributor or the rim does not comply with consumer protection regulations in Indonesia. According to the Head of Public Relations and Information Center Depkominfo Gatot S Dewa Broto, Blackberry original producers Canada, Research in Motion (Rim) should protect consumers BlackBerry in Indonesia...[...] "If this problem is not growing is not possible, if necessary, propose Depkominfo can only be done to halt temporarily imported on these products until terpenuhnya requirements in accordance with the regulations. This also refers to the consumer protection regulations," said Gatot in information tertulisnya , on Tuesday (2/6/2009). Gatot BlackBerry importers urge that as much as possible can be exposed to issues and avoid the consequences Consumer Protection Act. "This is important because if the report received a lot of damage to the consumer aspects of Indonesia's after-sales guarantee or warranty, not a telecommunications provider may not the BlackBerry and other importers terjerat sanctions Law Consumer Protection Law. 8 of 1999," he said. Law on consumer protection requires that the effort to give compensation, indemnity or reimbursement to the customer when the goods or services that are not received in accordance with the agreement or not as it should. In addition, Gatot also said, at this time Depkominfo has rejected a new request to obtain certification Rim. "Three weeks ago, indeed Depkominfo have received a new application from the rim to get the certification. However, had declined to terms with terpenuhinya after sales services (after-sales service)," he said. (srn) (oz)

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