Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tips And Tricks : Improve Memory (Ram) Computers do Damage / Off

This time we will share tips and experiences on dealing with PC memory (SDRAM, DDRAM) that you are dead (not the origin of the severe physical damage, such as burnt or destroyed / broken), because according to what I usually see if the memory is in the reveal die by the PC or by the computer technicians are simply replaced with the purchase of a new memory, the memory is still possible to make in life or work again. I have the following tips for handling the memory already in it is dead based on experience during menggeluti the hardware world, with him on the accuracy of 70%, so for example you have 10 off-chip memory so there is likely 7 in the chip can still be saved ... enough lumayankan? we can save money for several hundred thousand perkepingnya. Ok, simply prepare memory die, and that equipment is in need Avometer. 1. Clear memory with a rub-pin pin memory with the purpose of cleaning cloth, may also be given so that Tiner little more clean from dust, and friction with the cloth will also provoke ion-ion on the pin memory tersimulasi that konduktornya become more active. 2. Navigate Avometer on the Ohm scale (scale to measure the barrier), may be in a position free of 1K, 10K, 100K ... 3. Take the needle negative (-) Avometer (black cable) and paste in one of the pins / memory foot, needle and positive (red cable) to the friction on the set of foot-leg IC / chipset memory, when memory has 8 pieces such as the IC friction needle (+) to the foot-IC is 8 feet. 4. Done .... Please try to install memory on the Mainboard slotnya ....! Note: This process is utilizing the flow of electric current from a Battery Avometer in alirkan to the circuit in-circuit IC / Chipset memory. How this process is working as well as the Clear CMOS on the Mainboard Mainboard when the crash and did not want to live, namely the occurrence of interruption or stoppage in the flow of electricity so that the flow needed for a system for activation does not met .... or as illustrations of the fainting or coma then we try to wake with a fishing rod in the nerve-syarafnya for the active and conscious way in siram water, the electric etc. .. Source: opunkforce.blogspot.com (oz) ..[...]

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