Friday, June 5, 2009

Guidance For Rock Climber

Rock climbing is a thrilling sport and one that is growing in popularity. Today, people of all ages are taking up this sport for fun, but physically, this sport is very demanding. The many aspects of rock climbing appeal to those pursuing this sport because it can be done indoors as well as outdoors...[...] Though this sport is safe, but every rock climber has a story to tell about a fall, particularly if he has been climbing outdoors. However, most rock climbing injuries occur to the hands, elbows, tendons and straining causes shoulders. Although these of injuries cannot be prevented, but with proper warm ups and stretch-outs, they can be reduced. You dont have to be a superman and you also dont have to be in great shape to start rock climbing and enjoy yourself, but it is always advisable to use the right rock climbing equipment for the journey ahead. To get started in this sport, all you need is some equipment such as a harness, ropes, shoes and helmet. Other important equipment includes belays and carabineers. These are the devices that make the ropes easier to use in team climbing and also help to secure solo climbers. Most of the equipment can be rented. Rock-Climbing is a fun sport for kids as well as adults and a guided climb makes a great family outing. The equipment includes: Helmet: The most important equipment in rock climbing is the helmet. It protects your head from the debris that falls while you climb and also guards against bumps and bruises caused due to head bangs against the rock surfaces. Rope: This is probably the most essential equipment. The usual length of the rope should be at least 50 to 60 meters, with a diameter of 10 to 11mm. Before using the rope, ensure that the rope can be stretched under tension, as this is essential in order to protect the climber in the event of a fall. Shoes: Rock-climbers use special shoes that are strong and fit well. Harness: A safety-climbing device, which is usually attached to a rope, is called as harness, to stop the climbers fall before he hits the ground. This rope passes through the webbing loops and these loops are the most important parts of the chain that protect the person from falling. The harness is wrapped around your thighs and waist to safeguard you from falling. Chalk powder is rubbed on your hands for a better grip. This chalk powder is stored in the chalk bag, which is hooked to the harness with hooks called as karabiners. Before buying the safety equipment, you should have thorough information about the gear. There are several rocks climbing books and sites that provide excellent knowledge about all the rock climbing techniques and the equipments required for it. During shopping for rock climbing equipment, the best person to guide you would be a sales person or an experienced instructor. You can also purchase rock-climbing equipment from various online shops. Many people love rock climbing and this sport has transformed from complete obsession to a fun hobby. By Kris(oz)

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