Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How to Add a Music Profile on Facebook

You love music and want you diidi Facebook profile with the music? Could be. You can listen to music on Facebook with an application that can add a music playlist on your profile. Even store up to 200 music favored in a playlist...[...] Keep in mind, however, only play Playlist music available online. So, at the time of musical devotion, you will be doing the streaming data. Next steps to be done, 1. Click the Application menu 2. Click Find More 3. Type Profile Search Application on the Playlist and press Enter. 4. Click Profile Playlist 5. Continue with Application to Go 6. From there, type in a keyword group or band music that you want to search. 7. Akan search results appear, before you add to the Playlist, would that if you first listen to songs with a way to click Play, located on the side of the track. 8. If you are good and suitable music, to add to the Playlist, click the plus sign next to the track. By default, the songs will grow on the right side Playlist. 9. You can also edit the title song on the playlist by clicking Edit 10. To men-delete track, cross-click on the playlist. 11. Click Save on the playlist 12. Playlist Name Type 13. To get the songs, you will be required to register first. However, registration is only one time. For that, you can fill in some questions at the register to notify the email address and your password. 14. If you have filled in all, you can click on the Register 15. Then proceed by clicking the Add to Profile 16. Click Add, to insert a Playlist to your profile. 17. Playlists you have to integrate in facebook time. If you want to make new Playllist, in the Playlist menu just click Create. Meanwhile, to add a song, you can click the Get-Tracks.

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