Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New iPod Touch released September?

California - Just a few weekends menggelontorkan Apple cerdasnya the latest mobile phone, iPhone 3GS, issue of the latest iPod Touch scrolling back. In fact, it is reported, the tool is a digital music player akan melanggang in September...[...] iPod Touch iPod has a 3.1 will have some interesting features. This gadget is already dibenamkan with the iPhone 3.0 software upgrade. So not surprisingly, the results jeperetan images and image recording is much more visible ketajamannya. About dilansir such as Electronics, Tuesday (30/6/2009), iPod Touch Anyar akan say this has a screen that much bigger, digital compass, and GPS. Addition of features is also fixed, such as wi-fi, and watching TV purchased at its online store. Other advantages, this iPod is not only able to read electronic mail, but also able to edit, copy (copy), and write any posts in the electronic message. Unfortunately, until this time Apple would not confirm the newspaper report mentions iPod akan 3.1 was released in September. Similarly, with the official price dipatok on the handset that is similar to the iPhone. (srn)

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