Saturday, June 20, 2009

in Subang Gempar Because improper Student Games

SUBANG - Stories about the video nasty not limitless. After the action in the sordid teen a palm oil plantation, this time a nasty scene in a video recorded back Subang scandalize the community...[...] One of two high school students in areas that do Pamanukan the withdrawal intimate relationship couple. Ironically, the depraved actions undertaken by the class II high school students, a course named Flower-Andri was conducted in a small shop in the area of tourism Patimban Beach, District Pusakanegara. Be in the video is about 8 minutes, it appears clear with both of them use school uniforms, scout. From the information gathered, both nasty scenes recorded by a local resident who saw suspicious movements of two pair of lovers dimabuk love. According to residents, the pair of lovers is not the only time to visit the beach tourism. Because it's, one of the people trying to be a "detective" to follow the activities of both. "They often come to that place. Due to feel suspicious, eventually one of the local people tried to follow them both," said Ali, one of the local people on Saturday (20/6/2009). Information received, both parents of students that agreed to wed after beredarnya video meseum outstanding students that since a few months ago. Even selecting them out of school. However, sin and shame suffered by both unfinished. (ram) (Annas Nasrullah / Koran SI / ahm)

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