Friday, June 19, 2009

Before Lebaran, iPhone 3G S Will Present in Indonesia

JAKARTA - Euforia presence iPhone 3G S that occur in different parts of the world, no longer will be felt by the lover iPhone in Indonesia. Yes, not long iPhone 3G S akan landed in the country this year...[...] "iPhone 3G Launch S akan us in Indonesia this year. Currently, Telkomsel is awaiting 'green light' from the center of Apple," said Gideon Edie Purnomo Vice President Channel Management Telkomsel, when contacted okezone, Friday (19/6/2009). Telkomsel is the holder of a license in the iPhone handset Anyar Indonesia expects Apple will not be present until the end of the year. In fact, said Gideon, Telkomsel 3G iPhone is being put forth before the present S lebaran holiday arrived. "So the new iPhone users will be able to enjoy them later while mudik wordiness. There are many interesting features and the latest, which will be felt by iPhone 3G users S," Gideon row. Problems in price, Telkomsel to this can not revealing. However, Gideon said, as much as possible this smart phone will be cheaper from the iPhone 3G before. In some countries, Apple has andalannya determine the handset with this price range USD199 or Rp2 million to 16GB capacity, and as much Rp3 or USD299 million, with a capacity of 32GB. (srn)

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