Friday, June 19, 2009

Helm follow Population Growth Motorcycles

JAKARTA - A large population of motorcycles in Indonesia was in line with the growth of product helmet. Today, PT Danapersadaraya Motor Industry (DMI) as a helmet manufacturer NHK launched the latest variant in Kemayoran, Friday (19/6/2009)...[...] No half-hearted, 7 variants simultaneously released to the market. Ie, under the brand NHK 4 variants, the GM 2 variants, and variants of Mix 1. These products dibanderol start to Rp100 thousand brands Mix, Rp125 thousand for the GM pattern, for example cartoons mickey mouse GM Fighter Rp200 thousand. And for the NHK dibanderol start to Rp225 thousand Rp1, 8 million of the carbon. "All these variants are appropriate standards of safety helmet as SNI and the DOT," said marketing director DMI Johanes Cokrodiharjo.]

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