Friday, June 19, 2009

Tips and Tricks: Blackberry Battery Save

Tips and Tricks: Blackberry Battery Save Blackberry battery power is not reliable. However, it is a risk that must be faced by most smart phones, including Blackberry..[...]. To mengantisipasinya, there are a few tips you can use your Blackberry to be more durable. 1. Turn off some features that are not used, such as wifi and bluetooth. 2. Level information display can be set to the lowest level. 3. The backlight time out as soon as possible. 4. When the handheld is not used, there is a good idea to activate the standby mode. 5. Choose one of the network only as a 'road' to Balckberry operate, can be 3G or 2G only. However, if you are in the region that there is no network signal, do not take the risk. Turn off your blackberry just because the device automatically searches your akan signal. This is the battery up a lot of energy. 6. The use of ring tones are very interesting. However, sometimes the ringing tone is used together with the vibration. That both require the use of battery power that is big enough. Therefore, it's good if you use only one feature, the ringing tone or resonance only. 7. If you already use the ringtone or tone it shakes, the LED indicator does not seem to be too influential on the Blackberry. Therefore, if the LED indicator is positioned in the Off the process can make batteries more economical. 8. It is a good idea if you set up email and sms messages to the device. Predicted, the quantity of information access into Blackberry akan affect battery endurance. The more email / sms enter the fast battery Blackberry is a low. 9. Set your BlackBerry device for the living and the dead automatically. 10. Keep cleaning the battery connections. Every few months, use the ear cleaning or dry cloth to clean the metal contacts on the battery and the device. 11. Delete the original message when you send a reply. 12. Send the message to several contacts at once using Add To, Add Cc, or Add Bcc. 13. Turn off the flash (flash) the camera. 14. Close the third-party applications from the application menu when you are finished using it. 15. Change your browser options for graphic animation that is not often repeated on the web page. Basically, the more often you operate a Blackberry then you pet also must want to risk the battery quickly terkuras. Fortunately, the risk was low batteries quickly also experienced by almost all smartphone. To overcome this, there is always a good idea if you provide a spare battery is fully charged, the device is to avoid death in the middle of your office job.]

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