Friday, June 19, 2009

Tips And Tricks: Facebook We Change Layout

Who says Facebook is not the view can be changed? This can be done, only through third-party application support...[...] To change the look Facebook, users are required to add the add on browsernya. For more details, you can follow some instructions below, 1. Your computer must first be installed Add-on Yontoo Layer by going to the official website Yontoo ( / install.aspx 2. Views on Yontoo akan commanded you to choose which browser is being used. Both the Windows Explorer for Windows and Firefox for Windows or Mac. 3. After that, Yontoo akan display options continue to accept and continue the installation. 4. Then click the start install. 5. Before installing a window will appear to select a new Add-on YontooFFClient.xpi. If the window appears, click install 6. After the install is complete, restart your browser, and click continue. 7. Views akan bring Apple Changes feature, which then told you to click for PageRange Facebook. After you click the toolbar then click Go to PageRange Facebook Apps. 8. If you are a Facebook application will appear PageRange Super Profile. From there, you can choose the layout you want, and click select. 9. The process changes the layout is finished and you can enjoy viewing your new Facebook.]

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