Thursday, June 25, 2009

Intel Collaboration With Nokia Create a New Mobile Platform

Two giant hands finally coupled. A new partnership digalang only by Intel and Nokia to promote the presence of Intel-based mobile devices. ..[...] Intel and Nokia will collaborate in several projects the software open source mobile Linux. Intel akan melisensi modem Nokia IP HSPA/3G. Seems Intel architecture will create a function that combines computing and communications. Not yet clear whether the partnership will be delivered a mobile phone or smart phone or a combination of a smart phone and netbook. But Intel says will create a new mobile platform for wireless Internet devices that are always connected (always-connected) with the form factor that can dikantongi comfortable with. This emphasizes the ambition to return Intel to enter the mobile phone market. Information simply, Intel sold the mobile chip designed by ARM (and now memotori many mobile phone), but then sell the business to Marvell in 2006. In addition, Intel last February in partnership with LG to create a mobile device that will use the Intel Atom chip successor. Nah, we just see whether Intel will be successful re-entry to the mobile phone market. (compass)

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