Thursday, June 25, 2009

Game review: Guardian SKY

In fact the income from the internet not only from the ads, reviews, freelance, affiliate or business stratagem deceptive, such as selling e-book rubbish, money games etc.. For those who struggled find the income from the internet, do not fast until you give up and stuck on the business of other people hurt. Find the treasure of the way of that as our brother examplizeing by this...[...] Make a game that could be earning from the internet. Evidence this game valued up to $ 1500. In fact my first game ditawar only $ 200. If you only look at the price, surely all desire. But whether it can be easy to be so successful. To succeed, of course, not easy. Need to work hard, and working properly. Hard work if it is correct so the same. To know how to work the right way then let's see this game. What makes this game can be worth up to $ 1500. The first is according to my picture, yes, an interesting picture. A good game starts from the view that interesting. The view that interest should not be good. Even a simple picture can be interesting. Entahlah but that is the reality. Until now I do not understand why rats can be stars such as Mickey Mouse. The second is the gameplay. Games that are interesting to be addictive. Companies may not want to buy your game if your game is not interesting and addictive. Large companies such as free online game that people want-the people who play them on the web site so that revenue from the ads also. Therefore needed a game and if the old can play, the better. Both the above are things that I know this, and it seems indeed very difficult to learn. In fact there are many other things such as luck: D. Sometimes a game can be ugly behavior also, depending on the company do. I even so I find research money from the internet: P. ..... About gamenya own, I played well. soalnya emang graphed it normal for me if this game up with a price segitu. How, do you still make the event a game is useless?

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