Thursday, June 25, 2009

OnlineFamily. Norton Free Until 2010

Currently, children are usually pro-Internet, especially with PR they do not require rare materials in the Internet search. However, the survey Norton Online Living Family ago in March revealed six out of 10 adults say the children spend "too much" time to beraktivitas online and 45% of children agree...[...] So the parents are - that concern the case of Megan Meier, sexting to cyberbullying - Internet in danger of placing the order up in the list kekuatirannya. Moreover hHampir half of the children surveyed (47% in the United States) that explore the subject or "sensitive" when online. In Indonesia also, the case is not much different. Take the example Anas. Mother of two children was yesterday told how her children were in fact 'hang around' to the sites' not healthy 'for this. Rather he did not supervise the activity of the heart, but the children that use search engines by entering keywords. Unfortunately, the search results with keywords that can properly display the site that is not healthy for the soul of children. "Once clicked new site is discovered, if so," he said annoyed. "Kan we may not observe them constantly while online," he added. Anas and worries of parents in the world wherever this is Symantec Corp.. (Nasdaq: SYMC), the Norton security software, with the security services launched a new family berpendekatan. This Web-based service called OnlineFamily.Norton (available in and free use until 1 January 2010. Quite different from the normal, OnlineFamily.Norton not focus on the block and monitor online activities of children, but encourage the discussion between children and parents. Is based on a philosophy of dialogue, OnlineFamily.Norton make parents continue not only get the update on the things that made their children when online, but also things that interest when they are connected to the Internet and is not connected. How to use it quite easy .. Parents create an online account on the site OnlineFamily.Norton, then download and install the small application Norton Safety minder small children to the computer. When installing the service, parents and children are encouraged to sit together and make the House Rules online activities together. Children will always be aware that OnlineFamily.Norton active on their computer, and they can also see the House Rules that have been approved them with their parents at any time. Parents can see the words and search phrases used in children's sites such as Google, YouTube, and Wikipedia, and to which they lead their children while online. This feature also gives an insight to parents on topics of interest of their children. Children can also send information to parents in real-time via the site or sites OnlineFamily.Norton e-mail about the meaning when they try to visit a blocked site. OnlineFamily.Norton also monitor activities in the social network sites (Facebook, MySpace) with the ability to see how children represent themselves, when they log in, and how often. So see the 'rarity', parents can start a conversation with their children. This service will provide a clear report on various activities that register with the chronological order, including a thumbnail of the site visited by children. Interested? Nah, please menjajalnya. Free until 1 January 2010 and can be run on a Windows PC (XP Home or Professional, SP2 or later; XP Media Center Edition 2005, Vista 32-bit or 64-bit, SP1 or later) or Mac (Mac OS X 10.5). (compass)

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