Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tips And Tricks : The House of Hair coloring

Bingung spend time this holiday? If you're happy hair coloring, harmless then spend the holidays with the order to change hair color...[...] In addition to showing more style, choose the right color can make you look more shining. Changing hair color is not always done in the salon, but you can also do this while relaxing at home. So that the results of coloring the hair and protected from the maximum error, then you can follow the guidelines mandatory SheKnows cited below: Select a color in accordance with the Before choosing the color you want, you have a good idea to adjust them with the skin color. If you choose the color of hair, not exactly making the shining beauty, but it can of the. To select the right color, you can visit the website REVLON or L'oreal. On this site, you can reach important input that allows the colors get fit with your skin color. Do not coloring hair with permanent If you want to use a different color in a short time, you can choose the hair dye or temporary semipermanen (temporary color). This step is done to keep up appearances. For temporary color, the color will fade after you wash your hair as much as 6-12 times with shampoo. Meanwhile, if you want to remove the stain semipermanen, just enough to wash your hair for 20-26 times using a shampoo. While for a new permanent hair coloring can be lost in ten days or more. Prepare the equipment support To make it easier to dye your hair, then the needed supplies such as plastic to protect hands from paint perwarna, lotion for the former dye attached at the forehead or ears, clip the hair to separate each strand of hair, towels, and clothes that are not charged again. Assistance of experts to avoid errors If the hair color that is used does not match that you want, then do not buy any product. For when selecting products that are not clear, then not make your hair more shine, but it appears to be garbled and difficult to be restored to original color. To avoid mistakes, then you can come and ask for assistance to the experts. Although the need to spend that much, you can still save the desired hair color. (NSA)

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