Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Women Not Eat During Year 3

LONDON - A woman in the UK does not claim to have been eating for three years. During this time he only drank three cups tea per day. Women named Trudy Sharp has digestive problems, and vomiting if mengonsumsi food. The only one who can penetrate only the mouth cavity...[...] "Not easy to see other people can eat, while I only drink tea," Sharp said as quoted Thursday (25/6/2009). "But after a few years I learned to like tea. No one who knows the benefits of tea is better than me," he explained. Problems with digestion of women aged 43 years, was first presented in 2006 a doctor. Sharp said the doctor must perform colectomy (replacement organs large and small intestine). Since then, Sharp can only mengonsumsi shaped liquid food through a hose inserted in his neck. That means, Sharp had to do daily activities take four liter liquid food is where he went. Citizen Milton Keynes, south-east England, this also can not drink tea more than three cups daily. If the uterus does not damage the system akan body. At least until he is doing organ transplants in the intestine Churchill Hospital, Oxford. Somewhen operations that can be done to end the pendertiannya. Sharp is still in the waiting list because the few people who want mendonorkan organ ususnya. (Tonne)

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