Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Italian Court Case Pause Video "Down Syndrome" At Google

ROMA - Italian court has delayed the trial of the case of Google. Which is the case against Google is a debate the responsibility of Google as the Internet service provider information to the various content that is in their sites...[...] The beginning of this occurrence of the video posted by Google Italy. The video shows a child down syndrome patients who are disturbed and made mockery of by people in surrounding areas. Such information is quoted from the BBC, on Wednesday (24/6/2009). The case must be postponed because translators are people with down syndrome and pain can not attend the trial. The plan is a new case to the trial will be on September. In this case, four executives accused Google unlawful Italian law because the video was posted and distributed online. Meanwhile, the accused berargumen that Google does not have additional applications and personnel sufficient to monitor all the incoming content to Google. (srn)

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