Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Twitter So steal Places Personal Data

Jakarta - The digandrungi, an Internet site, is considered the threat to get out of cyber criminals. Similarly, Twitter, micro-blogging site is used as bait for dedemit virtual action to make the data theft...[...] According to reports from the Symantec Web Security & Messaging, with the number of people connected social network sites, it is not surprising if the trust and reputation of the sites are abused by cyber criminals, such as spammers. "Spam attacks have used Twitter, a social network brands that are growing rapidly, for two-spam campaign, 'Make Money Fast" (MMF) and dating spam, "write the Symantec warning, Selasa (23/6/2009). MMF in the attack, go Symantec, offered a package 'Risk-Free Software Twitter Profit'. Recipients of this type of message will be directed to a web form that asks for personal information including name, email address and postal code. This is followed by a form that asks for a credit card number, expiration date and security code. Twitter-related attacks in the second, dating site Twitter - Datetwit - become a target. Many of the new spam domain is registered to use the links, which will guide the user to enter credentials Twitter to the site's dating. In an effort to avoid anti-spam filter, email messages disamarkan as legal content. With these attacks, spammers hope they can attract the recipient to act with hiding behind the reputation of the social network Twitter is becoming increasingly popular. (Ash / faw)

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