Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Game Review: Tekken 6

Jakarta - The petarung Tekken ready to return to the arena with additional new weapons. Game titled Tekken 6 is planned to be thrown to the console market for the Xbox 360 and PS3...[...] quoted from Gamespot, Tuesday (23/6/2009), the new weapon called Wireless Hori Fight Stick. This tool will be sold with the game is worth U.S. $ 149.99. In addition will also include a bonus that other, in the form of an art-book Tekken. This game will be introduced for two types of pre-order. First, a wireless packet with the stick, and the second package is a game with no additional cost. Namco Bandai, publisher of the game as this is now more open. They even dare to target that Tekken 6 will have been ready to enter the battle arena in the upcoming October 27. However, the North American market for the first, while for the region Europe, Japan and other Asian countries have to wait queue. (Ash / ash)

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