Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Game Review: Gears of War 3

Jakarta - After Gears of War and Gears of War 2 will still have sekuel Gears of War. Developers promise that game Gears of War series will still be growing...[...] Rumor is the most santer Gears of War 3 is planned to be published at the end of 2010. But apparently the developer from Epic Games still have a plan with a long series of these. quoted from the Official Xbox Magazine UK, Epic's Cliff Blezinski mentioned the many stories that can be lifted from the Gears of War. "Currently there are two new game Gears. There are many opportunities to do many things in the game, and many stories from the world of Gears can be told. I have not saturated at all," he said. Blezinski decline rumor also says that Epic is being set up survival Horror game genre ala Resident Evil or FEAR Later rumor concerning the style of game Gears of War is the theme of Horror was glowing. Fans of Gears of War 2 'thirsty' may be met through less dahaganya content titled Dark Corners. A new chapter to a single game mode will be present through the Dark Corner at the end of July 2009. In addition to the new chapter, entitled Road to ruin it, Dark Corners will also present some maps for the Multiplayer game mode. This additional content packages will be sold via Xbox Live with a price equivalent to U.S. $ 19.99. (Wsh / wsh)

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