Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kingston FlashDrive 128 GB, All in All Files

Jakarta - Kingston Technology Company released peranti USB Flash drive 128 GB. The memory capacity of the product in the Data Traveler 200 is claimed as the first manufacturer in the world...[...] According to Nathan Su, Flash Memory Sales Director Asia Pacific Kingston, with the capacity of the collection of all music, photos, video, and other database we can easily fit in your pocket. "This is a very important tool for the professional consumer who requires regular room with a capacity to carry large files database," in tulisnya information received detikINET, Friday (19/6/2009). In addition to having large capacity, flash disks also have the protection of security so that data can be important in quite safe when taken. "Secure password once to help in data security and does not need the admin rights," continued Nathan. Kingston DataTraveler 200 is deliberately designed without a close (capless) in order to protect the USB connector when not in use, or when enhanced for Windows ReadyBoost. This unit is also available in capacity of 32 GB and 64 GB.

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