Sunday, June 21, 2009

Satellite M500, Laptop Hybrid Ciamik

Jakarta - One more of the range Toshiba laptop that is intended for the mainstream market. Toshiba Satellite M500 combines beautiful design with features superior multimedia entertainment...[...] Of the first impression when viewing this notebook is a design Flush LCD screen that combined advanced features such as the hybrid system SSD / HDD, Harman Kardon speakers, REGZA-Link and so on. Dibalut with black chasis (Premier Black), Satellite M500 LCD cover is made based finishing techniques Toshiba Fusion technology IMR (In-Mould-Rolling). In addition to design a sophisticated and enthralling, Satellite M500 offers edge-to-edge display (Screen Flush) with a glass mask, while velg and hinges made of chrome like the beautiful view. Keyboard with key lock in the flat black color change wipe Satellite M500 into a multimedia device is elegant. Performance Hybrid Hybrid system with a SSD (Solid State Drive) and HDD (Hard Disk Drive), users get the best of the two sides. For optimal performance, Notebook PC operating system and applications stored in the SSD has access speeds five times faster than hard drives. User data, which are usually larger capacity, at the store in the hard drive. And because the notebook more often use sdd, users can also enjoy a better durabilitas from the hard drive as storage period on the hard drive head is longer. Storage solutions Hybrid SSD / HDD is available in certain models. To protect important data in the HDD, Satellite M500 also features hard drive protection, through a 3D Motion Sensor built-in that dynamically monitor vibration, shock and the free-fall, and quickly head menyiagakan drive that can result from ditimbulkannya. Specifications Satellite M500 supports Intel core2 Duo processor and the memory system 2048MB/4096MB (2048MBx2). Hybrid storage systems combine 500GB (SATA) HDD and 64GB SSD. Configuration standard 320GB and 500GB HDD is also available. For the performance of the graphics better, Satellite M500 has a ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 up to 1278 MB total graphics. There are also 512 MB VRAM ext. Web camera record HD video in widescreen format. With a range of Rp 16 million, this product enrich consumer choice for hunting notebook.

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