Sunday, June 21, 2009

Revolution Twitter and Facebook Iranian People

WHEN the media and journalists in Iran be tamed, Twitter and Facebook play a role which is very unusual in that of the Mullah...[...] Thousands of Iranian people's voice screaming through their micro-blog Twitter and social networking site Facebook. International media also utilize them to monitor the latest developments in Iran, when journalists are not covering the various events. For example, the BBC is based in London and has prohibited correspondent in Iran, receiving more than 4,000 electronic mail and phone call from hundreds of the country every day. After carefully analyzing the contents to choose who can be trusted, the media is menyiarkannya return for a wider audience in Iran. Sadeq Saba, senior commentator on the BBC Persian, has received the video recording, email, phone, text message, and not only from Tehran, but also from other major cities across the country. "So, we receive a description of what is happening outside of Tehran," he said. The Daily Times to send a correspondent to cover the election, but he must leave the country when the visa valid 10 day low. Overseas Times editor Richard Beeston confess there have been two or three people working for them at this time, the foreign and Iranian. "We do not use their real names because the government has explained that they would be arrested or their license will be revoked," Beeston said to AFP. The Times also has Iranian based in London and to monitor Twitter and Facebook. Beep status of various Iranian citizens are diverse in Twitter and Facebook. Generally express their protest against the election. "Revolution will not be showing it may be in the Iranian television, but it may be SALURKAN," said the user who uses the name "kaplanmyrth" in a short message to channel the flow Iranelection on Twitter. Twitter surprised that the manager with these phenomena. Experts and social activists also praised the network pendemo the use of information technology to reveal their opinions. Twitter and Facebook also became the representative voice of the people Iran. Sysomos, the company Internet site, analysts said, about 8600 users come from Iran Twitter. "I think the Twitter revolution of ideas that really surprising," said Gaurav Mishra, founder 20:20 WebTech, media analyst company. "Although the people of Iran is very little use Twitter, gaungnya quite widespread." According to Ethan Zuckerman, a senior researcher at Harvard University, social media like Twitter and Facebook is able to replace the role of the media coverage that indomitable in Iran. The international media does not have a network at the grassroots. "Social Media is able to expose to the outside world, about what actually happened," he said. Previously, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad point coverage foreign media scathing of people following a riot pascapengumuman Iran over Ahmadinejad victory. "This great victory when the propaganda that Iran facilitated from the outside and sometimes inside Iran against its own people," said Ahmadinejad in a speech on government television Saturday (13/6/2009). "Pressure and psychological war against the people organized to Iran. A number of organized foreign media against our people." This senada also expressed Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei. He mengimbau people together in order to support Ahmadinejad. Khamenei point foreign media and Western countries trying to create rift and triggering political turmoil in Iran. In fact, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Iran point some foreign media into the funnel terrorist tarnish the image of that country after the presidential election. "The presence of hundreds of foreign media in the recent election is a symbol of openness in the selection of the flow," the official description of Iran's department of foreign affairs. Latest developments, editor in chief of the daily reformis presidential candidate invincible mehdi Karroubi arrested yesterday. According to the reluctant source that mentioned his name, Mohammad Ghoochani arrested in his home. "She said to us that Ghoochani arrested on Saturday (yesterday) by persons unknown," said the source. (Koran SI / SI Koran / mbs)

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