Sunday, June 21, 2009

Launch the Adobe Accounts Paid

California: Adobe recently launched an account paying a premium for the members of, an online document service site. Here, you can make a document portable document format (PDF) online and combine different document types...[...] Since first appearing in beta form in June 2008, Adobe claimed more than 5 million people have joined with And now, Adobe charge for anyone who wants to continue the service site with a premium account. Package offered by the Basic Premium at 14.99 U.S. dollars per month. With this user account you can enter each PDF 10 months and a meeting online with the five participants. While the Premium Plus for 39 U.S. dollars a month will give users to enter unlimited PDF and online meetings with 10 participants. Accounts remain free, but limited to five a PDF and only three people who can join the meeting online. Adobe will also increase the processor Buzzword will be combined with the presentation and spreadsheet software. Next year, Adobe plans to add other services to the site is online, including access to the smart phone (smartphone), deep integration with Office 2007, and space work together for the team. premium account registration is currently only available in North America, which will be followed by other regions in the near future. (PC Pro / AND)

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