Sunday, June 21, 2009

Events Marriage Ferdinand

Manchester: Perkawinan synonymous with football star luxury. So also is the case with the marriage between the stars are back Manchester United, Rio Ferdinand, 30, and friends gathered kebo it for seven years, Rebbeca Ellison, 29 years old. According to the plan, both of them will be the wedding reception in the Caribbean Islands, at the end of this weekend...[...] Around 100 people will be guests at the party. Tercium have the luxury of the form of invitation from the reception which was attended as a special form of the passport. As dilansir Sunday Mirror, the invitation was not menahu know where the reception is digelarnya. According to the source, and Ferdinand has two Ellison-son, Lorenz Tate, and Caribbean Islands have been selected as a reception place. To spoil the invitation, the bride to provide five-star accommodation, from the residence pejemputan to guests each on Tuesday (23 / 6) morning with a luxury car with full pengemudinya. Guests will be taken to Gatwick Airport which is located in the area of West Sussex, which is the second largest airport in the UK after Heathrow. From Gatwick, the hundredth VIP guests will diterbangkan to the Caribbean Islands with the private jet aircraft. Ferdinand must be issued a 200 thousand pound (or about Rp 3.3 billion) from dompetnya to order the jet plane. In the Caribbean, they will diinapkan in five-star resort. Accommodation similar effect when they return to the UK. However, unlike the case with the football star reception in general, the majority of guests in the wedding is Ferdinand's brother or close relatives and intimate friends. Which is the "representative" pesepakbola only adiknya Anton Ferdinand, the former Chelsea player, Jody Morris, and former Leeds United back, Michael Duberry.

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