Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ronaldo: No Move For Money

Madrid: With the transfer fee 80 million pounds, Manchester United Real Madrid receive the proposal. Most of the amount of the cash may go to MU, but the parties to Ronaldo also not small. Deal between the two clubs is complete, the transfer of Ronaldo is still a constraint...[...] Discussion contract still up personality, until the end of this weekend show a claim if both parties come together to meet the point. As dilansir Daily Mail, who will receive salary at the Santiago Bernabeu Ronaldo reached 200 thousand pounds or Rp 3.36 billion. If you added the right image which is the main gravel negosiasinya and in other matters such as sponsorship, in the first year he received up to 13 million pounds. Does not appear if the wrong impression if Ronaldo matre. Money so the target, not trofi. If referred to the achievements, the brand of the Los Merengues not shining too. In fact Madrid did not win Champions League since 2002 and season ago so the number two in Spain, under the Barcelona. But Ronaldo turn it hengkang to Madrid because of money. "Of course not, I do not go for the money," sergahnya to the News of the World. "To become the greatest, I need to realize it is hard work but targetku. If you become a player in the Madrid it means you are one of the greatest players in the world. " In its first opportunity to speak to the public after appearing kesekapatan sell from MU, Ronaldo confess that in pikirannya already embedded to leave Old Trafford since summer ago, after The Red Devils beat Chelsea in the Champions League final. "After we won Champions League, I think that there is no more interesting to be here. When you have all of that which can be obtained, you need new challenges, "said the age of 24 this year. "I survived a year longer choose and can sweep it pleased (Premier League) three times in succession. But my dream to play for Madrid. "]

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