Saturday, June 20, 2009

MU: Manchester United Ronaldo Will Not Lost

MANCHESTER - Manchester United risk losing Cristiano Ronaldo when the sharpness hengkang. But United will not feel lost CR7...[...] The journey home Portugal winger was not too many will affect the performance of United. However according to at least half-sparing future Satan Red, Darren Gibson. Pikirnya, one player is not everything in sports such as football collective. Moreover, in sparing benaknya, big money sodoran most difficult denied any club. "Currency Pounds Sterling 80 million is too large to be rejected," a Gibson to The Sun, Saturday (20/6/2009). "But we have a great army, and I do not feel we will lose him. There are some (players) that can replace the forward and play its role as good," he added. (tan)

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